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My name is Joanna Carlberg and I am a portrait and event photographer in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. 

I have been a photographer as long as I can remember!  It started when my father, a keen amateur photographer, built a dark room in the coal cellar.  He taught me how to develop black and white prints there when I was about 7 years old. Over the years, I took pictures of my life and family but I really got back into photography when I bought my first digital camera in 2001.  Digital gave me back the control I remembered from the old darkroom.  

Joanna's Digital Images had its beginnings that same year, when I began producing note cards and bookmarks using my photographs.  They proved very popular with my co-workers.  Then a co-worker who liked my work asked me to photograph her wedding and the business grew from there!  I left that job in 2012 and have been growing my business ever since.   I became an LLC in December 2015.

I have added photo-restoration to my business offerings, because I believe that photographs are our memories in print.  If you look at photographs from the early part of the 20th century, having a portrait taken was an Event!  Those pictures have not all been stored well and suffer from water and mold damage and wear and tear.  I can digitally restore them while leaving the original heirloom untouched!  

So many people today take pictures only with a cell phone and rarely share them outside of the internet.  Why not hire a photographer to take the pictures at your next party, so YOU can be in them!  

Old or new, your memories are safe with Joanna's Digital Images!

Let's Talk!   Call me at 262-358-0411.

Or email me at: photojo1955@gmail.com

What's in a Name?

My business is called "Joanna's Digital Images".  Joanna-because that's my name, Images, rather than Photography because I started out making gift items from my pictures, some of which used computer manipulated images and montages.  Digital photo restoration is also part of my business.  Why Digital?  Because in 2001, when I named my fledgling business, digital was cool, modern and up-to-date!  I wanted to emphasize that my photography was all digital, to differentiate it from the vast majority of photographers at that time who still used film. 

My logo is a sunflower, which is my favorite flower.  It blooms in the early fall, around my birthday.  Sunflowers always look up and seek the light, reminding us to take the high road and not let negativity pull us down!